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Upgrades and Modifications

Upgrade and modify your paint plant to improve it's efficiency

Electrical Installations

Our main aim is to meet customers needs with regards to electrical installations. This is why our high quality control systems comply to the current regulation 17th edition for safety and professionalism.

Our control system switchgear is provided by trusted suppliers whose brands adhere to BSEN 61439-4:13. Functional testing and analysis procedures are carried out at our factory to ensure maximum safety ready for on-site installation.

Differential Filter Gauges

Filter gauges are important additions to all spray booths that have both inlet and extract filters. They measure the drop in pressure across a filter and will provide a visual indication of when the filters need replacing. It is important to choose a gauge with the correct range to ensure accurate readings. Premiere Servicing can supply selection guidance including the supply and installation of these gauges.

Safety Interlocks

In order to conform to current regulations all industrial process burners should have an over temperature safety interlock and a recirculation fan pressure/airflow switch.

These interlocks should be designed to switch the burner off if the oven temperature rises above it's set point, or in the event of fan failure and must be manually reset. If your plant does not have these safety interlocks Premiere can supply and install them and incorporate them into your existing control panel circuitry.


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