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Health Check

The efficiency of most paint plants decrease over several years of operation,
the running costs will increase and quality levels drop.

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It is common to see electrical cables degrade with heat and safety interlocks fail to operate all of which can often result in costly fires and a subsequent loss of production. Premiere Servicing can carry out a health check on your plant and provide recommendations where appropriate. The health check would include the checking and testing of all safety interlocks, motor running currents, servicing of burners and monitoring combustion efficiency. We have specialist equipment to monitor noise levels, lighting levels, airflow, duct pressures and induct velocities.

Ovens are data logged to check the temperature distribution, we can even check the condition of the temperature sensor and thermocouple cable. We have P601 competent engineers who can carry out specialist L.E.V. testing as part of the health check on all types of paint spray booths. Health checks are more labour intensive and will provide a lot more detail than a standard service, we recommend that a health check is carried out on your plant once every 3 years.


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