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Oven Health Checks

Posted on 7th June 2021

Industrial ovens are a major piece of equipment in a wide variety of sectors from manufacturing to pharmaceuticals.

Ovens run off different types of power sources such as natural gas, LPG, and electrical heating elements. Different curing types also mean that temperatures and styles may change from oven to oven.

1.      Electric – An electric oven uses electricity as its source of power this allows for a more precise control of temperature over time.

2.       Gas – A gas oven is a cheaper alternative due to its lower running costs. Most ovens in the industry are gas fired. A gas oven would typically be used for high process temperature such as ‘burn off’ ovens and incinerators.

Ovens are used in a variety of designs and industrial processes in the paint finishing industry including:

·         Box ovens – for wet paint and powder coatings.

·         Conveyorised ovens – for greater production rates.

·         Moisture dry-off applications.

·         Pre-heating.

·         Burn off ovens for cleaning products and component jigs.

Due to the nature of the curing process the time pressures many companies face, it is important to make sure your oven is running at full capacity and is still retaining the money spent on it.

We advise all our customers to have regular health checks and services. Health checks allow our engineers to see and highlight any potential issues before they arise. This could not only prevent future downtime and losses in production but can also help reduce running costs by ensuring the oven is more energy efficient. 

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